Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that Zissou met her Valentine today! She got adopted!! She went to a home with two other cats and a very patient and understanding mom! Her new mom, who was actually looking specifically to adopt a tuxedo cat with a stub tail, “speaks cat” – as in she can read their eyes, ears, and tails really well. That was what sold me on her because Zissou is so vocal, but so often she doesn’t mean what she says.

Of course, I told the adopter that if things don’t work out, Zissou can always come back here to be fostered again, no questions asked and no hard feelings. Paws crossed that things do work out and she stays, though!! I really think they will. This woman was so pawsome and so perfect for Zissou!

Now it’s Esteban’s turn! He’s been made available for adoption pending his vet visit! http://mohawkhumane.org/adopt.php?id=24514062

zissou's gotcha day
The last picture I took of Zissou before she went home!!



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  1. Woohoo Zissou! So hoppy you found your furever home with the perfect lady! What a grrrrreat foster mama you had to give you a loving home in the meantime 🙂

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