Long Time, No Blog

Goodness, where have I been?! Working, fostering, planning a wedding…

Business is so good, I had to stop taking on new clients until after the wedding so I can focus on planning!

After Ull (the last foster I blogged about) got adopted, we were asked to foster a cat that was described to me as shy but sweet. It turned out she was completely feral and I couldn’t get anywhere near her!! Thankfully, a family had gone to the humane society looking for a barn cat during the time I was fostering her and feral cats make great barn cats!! After her (Maysoon), we fostered a kitten who needed to learn some manners. He was only with us a couple of weeks before going to live with our friend who absolutely loves him!

Steve has continued to show improvement since her colon surgery. It’s still weird to me to get excited about poop, but every day that she has a solid poop is a day that I get excited! We still have streaky days. We still have butt print days. We haven’t had a bath day in a while.

One of my clients adopted a 10 year old Beagle, Buster, about a month ago. They’re absolutely in love with him and spoiled him rotten. He had a terrible cough, so they took him to the vet (his vet is Steve’s vet!!) who referred him to a cardiologist for a heart abnormality. It turns out that he has heartworm disease. They’re heartbroken and very scared to go through the treatment, but they want what’s best for Buster. I know a little about heartworm because of my 7 years volunteering at the humane society, but I’ve never taken a dog through treatment. However, the advice I imparted on them I stole from the Tripawds community. I told them that Buster has no idea what’s ahead of him. He only knows what’s in front of him and takes life one moment at a time. He knows that he is loved and he knows that they are doing their absolute best to care for him. They have a long road ahead of them, but they can’t look at the length of time and they shouldn’t fear anything any more than Buster does.

If anyone knows of a community of support for heartworm disease similar to what we have here for Tripawd families, I would appreciate being made aware of it so I can pass the info on to my clients. They would love to have the kind of support that the Tripawds community offers!!

Snuggle buddies
More snuggle buddies
brock sampson
Brock Samson, our most recent foster
Maysoon, our feral foster
Steve has recently discovered that she likes her dad’s stank. She hangs out in his dirty socks and his dirty underwear ALL OF THE TIME!
Steve just bein’ Steve