Foster Sister Duties Begin Again

Steve is a big foster sister again!

I helped the humane society with a giant raid (which you may have seen on the news as it made national news – Google Schaghticoke cat hoarder and it comes right up) a week ago. We removed 90 something cats from an incredibly disgusting home, and are waiting for about 50 more cats to come out of the walls and into Have-A-Heart traps that we have set. The cats we removed have respiratory infections, eye infections, flea dermatitis, worms, ear mites…some of them are blind. I haven’t even seen all of them yet. I know that two pregnant moms gave birth over the weekend.

Anyways, since Steve’s last foster sister, Sif, found her furever home just days before and since Jay was BEGGING me for kittens that he could name, I took 3 kittens home the day after the raid! They’re on meds for eye and respiratory infections; and they’ve been treated for worms, fleas, and ear mites. After just a few days in our home, their skin started to clear up and we could already see improvements in overall health!

Steve, as usual, is really excited to meet her new foster sisters and has been waiting outside the bedroom door every time I go in to feed or medicate them. Sadly, they’re so sick that it will probably be several weeks before she can meet and play with them. I know that when she does, she’s going to take right to them! I can already see her grooming them and playing with them!! It’s just so sweet how she sits outside the door waiting for them!

estrella de mar
Starfish (named for the Loren Eiseley story)
gigglepuss climbing me
Gigglepuss (Jay named her)
sassmouth and estrella sleeping
Sassmouth (Jay named her too)
Steve turning on the charm in hopes of getting some of my meatloaf. It worked.