Busy Days

Steve and I have been away for awhile, but it’s for good reason. Now that I’m back on my feet I’ve been busy volunteering at our humane society! I’ve been there almost every day, and for several hours each day! I got to take part in our local Puppies in Prison program, too! It was sooooo fun!!

I don’t have any clients with the pet sitting service, yet, but I’m still in start-up mode. I just got a logo, and I’m going to have my brother build a website hopefully in the next week.

Steve has gone back to her good ol’ cuddly self, sitting on the side of the tub every single day for my shower and napping on my lap or on the back of the couch on my shoulders almost every time I sit down! It’s been nice.

Jay was playing red dot with her the other day and she took a corner too wide and slid into the kitchen table. We were wondering out loud if she did so because she’s short a leg, or if any cat would do that. Saxon isn’t usually as clumsy, but he also isn’t as fast as Steve. All of our cats have soft, indoor kitty paws pads so they slip on the linoleum all of the time. Steve seems to slip the most, but again, she’s the fastest and most active of our 3 cats. She doesn’t slip when just walking, only when running after the dot or during normal kitty zoomies. She still has zero issues jumping!

Can’t get close enough!
Snuggles with mommy…don’t mind my gross self.