Another Quick Share

After 6 weeks, Steve’s foster sisters have finished their antibiotics (hopefully for good). Tonight, I took them off quarantine for a little bit to see how things went. There few hisses from Steve and Saxon, which the girls just brushed off. Yorrick was excited and he and Gigglepuss played a funny game of catch me if you can for a good 45 minutes!! In the end, the red dot was the great uniting force! All hail the almighty red dot!!

Quickie Picture Share

While perusing the blogs, forums, and Tripawds Facebook page, I always see pictures of 3 legged paw prints in the snow, sand, and mud. I have to admit that I get a little jealous, because having an indoor cat who is a Tripawd, I will never see that. Steve doesn’t leave paw prints anywhere. I would have to have her walk through paint to see what her paw prints look like.

Today, I took my three legged client for a walk in several inches of snow. The first thing I noticed were her massive paw prints – three at a time! I took a picture of them. She’s not my dog, but she’s my responsibility for a half hour 5 days a week. For now, it’s the closest I’ll get to my own Tripawd paw print picture!


A Tripawd Client!

I received an inquiry from a potential client this weekend. “She only has 3 legs but gets around fine. She’s faster than you would expect and will do anything for a squirrel”  I responded right away!! I let the potential client know right away that I had a three legged cat and was not intimidated at all by a three legged dog! Mom got right back to me and we met for a consult.

I showed mom and her brother, the dog – Rocky’s owners my rate sheet and explained what all of my rates were for my different services. They saw that I charged extra for pets with medical needs. I casually mentioned that Rocky did not qualify as a pet with medical needs and they were surprised! I told them that a dog with three legs is not a medical case to me! She’s a completely normal dog!! They got a little excited that I recognized their dog as a normal pet with no medical needs. Rocky lives on the third floor of an old brownstone and climbs two large flights of stairs on a regular basis. This dog is in no way special needs!!

I’m so excited that I get to walk a Tripawd every day! I’m sending them the links to this site as well as to the Tripawds Facebook page. I hope they join! Keep an eye out for Lindsay, Alex, and Rocky (the Komondor/Marema mix)!!