Oops Another Special Needs Foster!

First off, if you haven’t gone over to read Esteban’s blog (my former tripawd foster), get over there and read it!! http://catinhat.tripawds.com/ I’m so happy to see pictures of him in his furever home!!!

Anyways, a few days after Theia came to live with us to learn that it’s not scary to be blind or to live with people, I got a text from the Animal Welfare Manager at the humane society asking if I could work my magic on another semi-feral kitten. So now we have two fosters! Scrambles the Death Dealer (Jay named him after a reference from a cartoon on Adult Swim) is getting snuggle therapy for about an hour or so a day with me and spends the rest of his day causing trouble with Theia! Oh yes…they play! THUD THUD THUD day and night! They’re doing good for each other!

Theia gets to come to gen pop tomorrow. I’m really interested in how it will go! We have to be very careful not to move things so she can get used to where things are. Wish us luck!

Snuggle Therapy for Scrambles!

Theia and Scrambles