Spreading the Love

I just started a new part time job to supplement my income until my pet sitting business picks up and can pay the bills. I work at the local animal emergency clinic. There is currently a resident stray cat who is technically a Tripawd! He has half of one of his rear legs, but they call him Jack Sparrow since he’s kind of a pirate-y peg leg kitty! I was talking to one of my new coworkers about Jack Sparrow and how he is clearly not held back by his missing limb (he’s a cage climber), and I brought up Steve and the Tripawds community. Turned out my coworker has a Tripawd too! I told her about the website and Facebook page, then shared Steve’s story. Hopefully, she’ll be joining us!

Someone’s ears must have been burning. Steve woke up and climbed into my lap!!

The great thing about this job is that one of my pets gets free emergency care, and a second pet gets half off emergency care. I picked Steve to get the free emergency care since she seems to be the most accident/emergency prone. Of course, now that she (and Yorrick) is signed up, Saxon and Spyder are going to block or obstruct!! (knock on wood!!!!)

I entered Steve into a Cutest Pets Calendar contest a few months ago. She didn’t get enough votes to win a month, but because she was entered, she still gets to appear! Her picture appears in the collage for May! A certain kitty/doggy mother has a birthday in May! Hmmm…I wonder who?

Steve modeling the Cutest Pets Calendar
Steve ignoring my attempts to get her to model the Cutest Pets Calendar
Steve is taking part in the blogging process!


Steve and I had a brief brush with fame this week! I entered Steve and Saxon into the local showing of a traveling Feline Film Festival. We were even up for an award! Sadly, we lost. I think the voting was a little skewed, but I’m not going to hold any grudges. It was pretty great to see Steve and Saxon on the big screen!! I made three entries and the producers only picked one. I wish they had picked one that highlighted Steve as a Tripawd, but I can’t really blame them for their choice. They went with a mutual grooming video. You could hear all of the “Awwww”s in the theater! The women sitting next to me couldn’t believe that two kitties could get along so well!

Besides getting to see my fur-kids on the big screen, I got to sit next to the kid who insisted a picture of him with his cat be his senior yearbook photo. Have you guys seen this kid in the news? I guess it went national. He knew he had to set up an appointment with a photographer for a senior photo, but he didn’t want the same ol’ boring photo, so he hired a family friend to photograph him with his cat. At first he was met with a lot of resistance from the school, but eventually they caved. He even ended up getting a picture of him with his cat and his principal with her Chihuahua!!

dravenHis mom was really cool. I hope to be that kind of parent some day!