One Year

Steve has been gone for one year today.

*deep breath*

One year without my Steve. One year of fostering special needs cats without my social bridge.

In the past year, I’ve found a niche at the shelter where I’ve been volunteering for almost 10 years. I’ve honed in my work with special needs cats. I now work exclusively with the “bad nuggets.” That is, I work with the cats who have severe behavior issues. The cats who have been on multiple bite holds. The cats who would be euthanized in most other shelters. I’m doing the same work Jackson Galaxy did in his shelter in Boulder Colorado many years ago. In fact, I met Jackson Galaxy the day after Thanksgiving, and he encouraged me to make house calls. Basically, to do what he does!

I still love, and would still very much work with, the cats with health issues. But it seems more people are capable of handling health issues, and very few people handle the bad nuggets like I do.

I don’t remember the last time I updated, but we adopted a Calico earlier this year. She was a bad nugget. She was in a staff member’s office with a sign on the door that said “enter at your own risk!” I instantly fell in love with her. My husband met her and fell in love, too. She’s fluffy and sweet and has Steve’s eyes. And the best part is that she sits on the side of the tub while we shower!

We also adopted a pit bull (finally)! Raise your hand if you’re shocked she has health issues!

Anyways, here’s Steve (as I fondly remember her) and Wasp