Steve’s One Year Ampuversary – A Year in Review

Just over a year ago, I agreed to foster a 2 year old cat with an upper respiratory infection who also needed to undergo amputation surgery due to a deformed leg. I wanted the experience of caring for a post op pet. A good Samaritan had dropped this sweet, orange and white cat off at the humane society where I volunteer. No one knew why her leg was mangled and deformed the way it was. They knew that no surgery could fix it and that chances were she would get it caught in something when jumping or running, so her best option was to have it amputated.

In eight days, Steve celebrates her one year Ampuversary. Two weeks after that, we celebrate her one year Adoptiversary (or Gotcha Day, if you prefer). This past week, I’ve …well…. celebrated isn’t really the word…. hmmm. I’ve reached a year of being out of work due to vertigo symptoms. Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment to get approved to return to work. Yesterday was one year to the date that I had my first doctor’s appointment regarding vertigo. I’ve been taking 50mg of Benadryl twice a day for several weeks. Of all things, that is what has improved my symptoms.

There is a conspiracy theory in this house that Steve is the culprit behind my vertigo.  If my vertigo started when Steve first showed up, and an allergy medicine is what is making me feel better, doesn’t it make sense that a rather severe allergic reaction to Steve caused vertigo? Volunteering at the humane society, I’ve seen a lot (a lot) of pets returned because someone in the family was allergic. I can’t even fathom getting rid of Steve. Even if the past year happened only because of her, the past year was made better by her! She never left my side and she always cheered me up! She’s my Steve!!

I constantly catch myself looking at her and being grateful that she is in my life. She put me through hell with her gastrointestinal issues and she may be the cause of my vertigo, but she’s the sweetest and funniest cat I’ve ever met. She still waits in the bathroom for me when I shower (many times she still jumps on the side of the tub). She gets zoomies like a pit bull! She’s more energetic and playful than her brothers. Sometimes she just runs as fast as she can from the kitchen into the living room, then stops in front of Jay and I on the sofa, stares at us, and meows as loud as she can! If we ask her, “What?” she meows again, quieter.

Steve has taught me a lot in the last year. We already had a socially inept cat who I would classify as special needs, but Steve taught me what it’s really like to own a special needs pet. She taught me not to be afraid, and to stand up and speak out for our three and four legged friends! It always sounded good in my head, but Steve has taught me how great it is to really put it into practice.

Steve is only three. I look forward to many more years of learning lessons from Steve, teaching what I’ve learned to others, and enjoying my clown of a Tripawd cat!

Steve has aspirations of an executive position at Tripawds HQ

Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

3 thoughts on “Steve’s One Year Ampuversary – A Year in Review”

  1. Happy (early) Ampuversary Steve! You’re such an inspiring kitty!! And I’m so glad you’ve shared this journey with us and she’d light on the life of a tripawd kitty.

    Also SUPER glad your mom has found something to help her vertigo!! I suffered from it for a week as a side effect to meds I was on once and I can’t imagine dealing with it for a whole year <3

  2. STEVE!!!!!!! HAPPY AM U PVERSARY AND HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!!! Yeah, you “got” 🙂 your momma’s heart the day she saw you and you meowed to your fellow inmates..”She’s mine!”

    Thank y o u for sharing the journey of the past years…the highs and the “less highs”…..quite a journey…a continuing journey of fun and love and a whole lot of Benadryl. Yeah, very, very interesting that you are helped by that! And I’m so glad you are…yuck….vertigo…how miserable!!!

    I love hearing ab o ut Steve and the soul deep love you have…beautiful!

    Ice cream and cake for everyone!!! PAWTY TIME!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  3. And we feel the same way about you two, this community has learned TONS about a feline’s life on three legs thanks to your participation. Thank YOU for all you do to help kitty parents feel better about what the future holds when that leg has to go.

    Steve you’re HIRED!

    Love you guys. Hoppy Ampuversary!

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