Good Food, Good Poops

I feel like I’m continuing to get worse, and if Steve is any indication by how much she hangs around me, then I definitely am. She’s constantly underfoot when I’m in the kitchen and sleeping somewhere on or next to me when I’m idle. I wonder how the doctor would react if I brought her with me to my appointment Tuesday morning? I’ll put her Tripawds cape on her and write “Therpy Cat” on it!

Thankfully, her GI issues are almost 100% resolved. I’ve found a ratio of wet and dry food I feel comfortable feeding her, and can now start slowly reducing how much laxative she gets everyday until I find a good dose to stay at. I’m so satisfied with where she is with her food that I wrote an email to her food company telling them her story and our situation, and to thank them for making quality food that I feel confident feeding her for the rest of her life to keep her GI troubles at bay. I got some coupons out of it!

It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to worry if Steve is pooping every day. I felt so awful both times she got constipated. I felt like such a terrible mother to let her go through that pain and discomfort. Now (knock on wood), we don’t ever have to deal with that ever again. None of the vet’s biggest concerns have happened. No mega-colon, no dead nerves.

Now if I can just get her to stop climbing the screen windows!!


Never Far Away



She sticks by so close she judges my taste in TV
She sticks by so close she judges my taste in TV

Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

One thought on “Good Food, Good Poops”

  1. She looks quite judgmental in that photo with the remote! Were you watching My Cat From Hell or something?

    My little Alley was a keyboard cat… she would growl at me sometimes when I wold move the mouse and bump into her while she was getting her beauty sleep.

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