Everything is Back in Order

As Steve lays around the house in all of her weird cat positions, I’ve noticed that her fur has almost completely grown back in everywhere that it was cut or shaved down! You can’t even tell that her belly was completely shaved for abdominal surgery, and the places I cut giant mats out of are nearly grown back to match the rest of her coat.

Her litter box habits have certainly changed as the specialist said they would. I see her going into the bathroom to use the litter box a lot more often then she used to. Her number twos aren’t quite solid yet, so she often needs her bum wiped if I can catch her. Usually, I don’t and she scoots on the carpet and leaves a streak ¬†>:( ¬†Only once so far has she made such a mess of her back end that she needed a bath, but even that wasn’t nearly as bad as it used to be when she’d get poo stuck all over the place. She was in and out of the tub in less than 5 minutes!

Jay and I often talk about how much money we spent on Steve for this most recent surgery. It’s a big deal because we’re trying to find a better apartment and we’re getting ready to get married. It’s hard to think about putting money towards making a life for yourself when you just dropped $3000 on your cat. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t regret spending the money. Jay knows how much Steve means to me and he would never make a decision to take her away from me when there is a reasonable option to save her life. During one of these discussions, Jay and I decided to do the math. Steve’s surgery cost roughly $3000. Before surgery and before things complicated further, Steve was eating wet food that was costing me approximately $25 per month (more like $25 every 24 days, but for sake of ease…). Additionally, every 6 – 8 months, I needed to buy a new bottle of Miralax at about $6 per. We gave Steve a lifespan of 15 years and figured out that because she now needs no medication and no special diet, we saved $1500. However, because Steve will probably live longer than 15 years and because I was actually spending more than $25 every 30 days, we saved more than that!! Ever the optimist am I.

Our latest foster, Ull, has come a long way since he first arrived as the terrified feral kitten. I booted him from the closet a couple of weeks ago and he took up residence in the bathroom. He quickly made friends with Saxon, Steve, and Spyder and is very clearly up all night every night playing. The cat toys are scattered in different places every morning and a few have gone missing!! He’s starting to get braver and is hanging out in the kitchen more and more. He’s really sweet and can be super snuggly if I put him on my lap, but he’s still not thrilled with being picked up. Whoever adopts him is going to get an awesome cat!

Steve and Yorrick seem to have bonded recently. They always got along, but they’re really close now! They’re always begging for food together, they occasionally nap together, I’ve caught them giving each other a lick or two! They’re like the….Bottomless Belly Twins or something! I love them as partners in crime!!

It’s so nice for everything to be normal again (knock on wood)!!!

Ull  2
Whatchoo doin?
Steve’s classic pose (with a classic poop stain in the background)
Steve and Yorrick have been palling around a lot lately
I’ve been wanting a picture like this since I’ve been able to feed Steve with her brothers again!
Spyder got spooked by the heater and went to Ull for comfort!

Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

One thought on “Everything is Back in Order”

  1. Oh my gosh you just cracked me up tonight, I’m so glad I had a chance to sit and read! Looks like you blogged on a busy blogging day, more folks need to see this cause the whole poop stain thing on the carpet is something I know lots of us relate to!

    Really glad to hear things are calm and good with the family. I adore how much you love your animals and care so much for them, yet keep a sharp eye on what you’ve spent (and will). With a detailed mind like that you and Jay will have a great life together. Congrats on the nuptials! When is the big day?

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