Just a quick update about today.

Steve and I met the surgeon today. He was just as nice and knowledgeable as everyone said he would be! When he walked in the room, I saw that he was wearing a tie with starfish on it and I felt like everything was going to be ok!

(A brief version of the starfish story if you don’t know it:

A young boy is seen walking along the beach, picking up starfish that have been washed ashore and tossing them back into the ocean. When asked why, he says that he is saving their lives. The guest says surely the boy knows that he cannot possibly save all of the starfish; how does he expect to save them?. The boy picks up another starfish, tosses it into the ocean, and replies,

“I saved that one.”

It’s very popular in the world of rescue!)

Steve is spending the night at the surgeon’s facility and will have her surgery tomorrow. They offered to call before she goes under and then again when she’s done, but I asked them not to call me before. I’d rather just focus on work and not worry because I know she’s in surgery. It will be a nice surprise to get the “all done” phone call!

I will update tomorrow night after Steve’s surgery! I’m not sure if I’ll go visit her post-op. I guess it depends on how long she’ll be in the hospital for recovery. I really miss her. Things are really weird around here without her throwing herself around.

Getting things ready to go the night before. I bought her a brand new carrier!
Steve relaxing just minutes before I put her in the carrier to go
Checking things out in the specialist’s office



Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

2 thoughts on “Starfish”

  1. Awww…Pretty Tripawd Steve has the finest kitty carrier in all the Tripawd Land! The three little paws are adorable!

    I’m glad you felt comfortable with the Surgeon AND that he had a Starfish on his tie! Good sign!! I jad forgotten the little Starfish story. Thanks so much for posting it.

    I know to tell you to try and relax woukd be futile. I’ll just say continue to think pawsitive thoughts and we’ll all do the same.

    Will look forward to your update tomorrow. Hang innthere! Steve will be home and feeling better in no time!

    Sending love and ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Steve is seriously so beautiful, I love it! I hope that everything goes well with surgery, thinking about you today!

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