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I’ve been missing from the blogs for how long? Over the past few days while the blogs have moved to a new server, I’ve wanted nothing more than to blog. Steve has not been doing well and I’ve needed to vent or to beg for support or pity from you all or something…I don’t really know.

As mentioned in my last post, Steve’s constipation troubles have flared up again. The doctor she saw last Friday had recommended Royal Canin’s fiber response diet. I’m not a big fan of Royal Canin, so I did a little research. I looked for success stories on the internet and asked my sister’s sister in law (who just graduated from vet school) what she thought about the food. She said she’s a fan and that one of her co-workers is having a lot of success with it with his cat. Finally, I asked Steve’s regular doctor. She wanted to go a no fiber route and recommended a fresh frozen diet. Steve wanted NOTHING to do with it. Even Saxon and Spyder turned their noses up at it.

To add insult to injury, after coming home from boarding, Steve’s appetite was in the toilet and she still wasn’t pooping. I found myself back at the vet on Wednesday afternoon seeing the doctor that had administered two enemas to Steve over the weekend. We talked diet again. She also recommended the fiber response, so I was sold. She ran bloodwork on Steve to check her electrolytes, then administered an enema and sent her home. I was told to expect poop by Thursday afternoon. That night, I ran out to Petsmart and picked up Steve’s new and VERY expensive ($44 for an 8.8 pound bag) prescription food as well as some new options of wet food to give her her Miralax in since she was obviously getting burned out on what she had been eating. She had no appetite for dinner, so I syringe fed her 25 mL of beef broth with her Miralax mixed in on doctor’s orders.

Thursday, in the middle of my walks (ie. my workday), I stopped home to take Yorrick out to pee and to check on Steve, who was locked in the bathroom. No poop, but she did eat REALLY well. I called the vet with the good and bad news. She was hopeful that Steve was eating. We made a plan for me to keep monitoring for poop and to pick up supplies to administer a warm soapy water enema at home on Friday if there was no poop by Thursday night or Friday morning.

So here we are on Friday. Steve continues to eat well. Her attitude is…meh. She’s not 100% my Stevie girl, but she’s also not the “I feel like crap” cat that I saw Tuesday night which led me to make Wednesday’s appointment. Still no poop, so Jay just helped me administer her soapy water enema. It’s working a little already.

I miss my cat. I can’t wait for her to be normal again so she can snuggle with me on the sofa or lounge on the floor wherever and whenever she pleases. I hate leaving her in the bathroom all day and night. I just want her to get better.

Steve got a pretty red bandaid after Miss Kate and Miss Brianna drew her blood!
I love both of these pictures, I don’t know why! I think both Steve and Spyder look royally Egyptian!


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Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

6 thoughts on “Back to Square One”

  1. Poor Steve, that is no fun! Can cats have canned pumpkin? I’m not sure how’d you get her to eat it if she can, but thats what we always give our pups for constipation. I’m surprised they didn’t prescribe her an all wet food diet since it has more water content. Does she like tuna? When you drain the water from the tuna can, you can give that too just to make sure she’s getting enough water to help also. Hugs to you and Steve!

    1. Cats can have pumpkin, but we’re past that. A year and a half ago, Steve was put on an all wet diet, but she insisted on eating her brothers’ dry food too which is why we’re here, I think. Her prescription food only comes in dry because of how the fiber is formulated. So she’s on a high fiber dry food mixed into wet food that has Miralax (a human laxative that works well on cats) mixed in.

  2. Poor Stevie. Poor you!

    I hope the high fiber food helps. I’ve never had this problem but I wonder if Stevie needs more exercise just to get things moving. It seems to helps dogs by walking them. Maybe it will work for Stevie if she’s up to it.


    1. Steve is pretty active. She wrestles with Saxon, does her own version of zoomies, and throws herself around pretty good. Your theory kind of goes back to when Dr Madaio and Dr Mackey were initially trying to figure out the cause of Steve’s constipation. They had a thought that her pelvis is malformed or was deformed relating to the deformity that led to her amputation. The deformity may be impeding her colon.

  3. Geez, sorry Steve…and you…are having to deal with this crap (or lack thereof!) I know you are both frustrated to say the least!

    It is good that Steve’s attitude is fairly good and she is eating well.

    If she is having colon issues due to a possible deformity, what are the vets suggesting? Perhaps a teaching hospital may be of some help? The soapy enema did work, right? If her poop is coming out in a normal shape and consistency, perhaps it’s not a deformity but more food related….maybe?

    Sorry I have no answers. Just want to add my support.

    Her pictures are great! She is so sweet looking…so pretty!

    Sending lots of love…

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  4. Sorry Steve is having problems, hopefully she will be back to herself in no time. She is definitely a pretty kitty….!

    Bonnie, Angel Polly, and new pups

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