Esteban’s Last Days as a Foster

Sorry! I know I’ve been absent for a while! I’ve been busy at work as my own boss 🙂

As you may have seen on the Tripawds Facebook page or on Steve’s Facebook page, I received two emails about adopting Esteban last week!! One was from three guys who live together and have one cat who they rescued when their neighbor let her go after moving. The other was from a girl who lives with her cat, Watson, who is blind in one eye.

The three guys seemed to be a little intimidated by Esteban’s Tripawd-ness after I got a little into it. The girl, Jenny, still seemed interested. She really understands how special differently abled pets are! She has a lot of love to give. Esteban and I are meeting her on Friday. If all goes well, Esteban will go home with her that night!!

I’ll be sure to let Jenny know all about the Tripawds community. Hopefully, she’ll sign up and we’ll all be able to follow Esteban’s continuing adventures!

How about a Steve update?!

You may recall Steve had GI troubles that were mostly resolved with a change in diet and a little bit of laxative. I don’t want to jinx anything, but Steve has been doing really well lately. I used to say that no matter what happened, as long as she pooped, I was happy. Even if it was diarrhea and it was all stuck in her fur and she got all gross, at least she pooped! For several weeks now, Steve has been having totally normal poops! What a weird thing to celebrate! I’m sure she’s happy because she doesn’t have to get locked in the bathroom for hours and hours and hours while her stomach settles!

Esteban hopes his new home has all of the premium channels…or at least Netflix!
I’m trying to soak in moments like this as much as I can while I still can! I keep reminding myself, “He’s not my cat!!”
I don’t pose them! They just do this!!



Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

2 thoughts on “Esteban’s Last Days as a Foster”

  1. Hooray for Esteban!! I hope it works out and she joins here, he’s family and we’d love to know how he’s doing! I also love that you called them differently abled…thats going to be my new favorite saying. I hate when people call it a disability. As for Steve, no community celebrates pooping quite like us LOL Hooray for poop!!!

  2. OH Esteban! That’s so cool, it sure sounds like Jenny is your girl.

    Steve, we humans do celebrate weird things don’t we? But I’ll bet you’re hoppy to have a calm belly aren’t ya?

    Good job Ma!

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