Steve’s Mobility pt. 2: Video Evidence

I took some video of Steve throwing herself around. Everything is forced, so the video is bouncy as I am directing Steve where to go. If I can catch her in the act as she does it during a case of the crazies, it will look much better. I won’t be so close to her. Also, it’s all in my bathroom, since that’s where she is fed and that is where the window is that she most often pulls herself into. Enjoy!!

This one is her stepping up into the window. She puts a paw on the low, uncovered litter box to hoist herself onto the toilet so she can then step into the window.


This is her pulling herself up into the window. I had to block her litter box route, so I’m sitting on the toilet right next to the window. Sometimes she puts a paw on the basket between the toilet and the wall for a little boost, sometimes she just jumps up. Either way, she jumps high enough to claw the lip on the window sill, then pulls herself up into the window!


Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

9 thoughts on “Steve’s Mobility pt. 2: Video Evidence”

  1. YAAAAAAAAA STEVE!!!! I wanted to reach right through the screen and give yoh a “leg up”…but she sure didn’t need my help!

    Steve is one determined kitty! I know you are sooooo proud of her…as we all are!!!

    Thanks for the smiles Stevie! Keep em.coming!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

    1. Hehe! Sometimes I give Steve a boost. She got one this morning. She didn’t jump to grab the ledge, she just reached up and grabbed it, so she was sort of struggling to pull herself up. I boosted her butt up into the window!

  2. Haha! 🙂 This is so awesome! I laughed when I read about Steve parkouring her way around the apartment in your last post. Amazing!

    I’ve recently noticed the same thing about my newly three-legged kitty too! He’s partially pulling himself up onto the places he wants to go, instead of it being a simple jump like the old 4-legged days. Smart kitties!

    Glad to hear Steve is doing so well. Her and the other inspiring kitties on this site really have given me a lot of inspiration while mine recovers. Thanks for sharing her story!

    1. I’m glad that Steve’s story is inspiring for your new tripawd! I know that it’s nerve wracking at first, but they really do figure it out on their own! I have a couple of steps (boxes, an ottoman) for Steve to get up to the really high places she likes, and then for everything else she makes her own way! Just know that there will be some claw marks! Nothing that a little plaster can’t fix 🙂

  3. These are PAWESOME! Thank you so much, I’m adding them to our playlists and also sharing them around, it’s wonderful to see how well a TriKitty can do. Go Steve!!!

  4. Yay Steve!! You’re doing so great, kitty!

    Seeing and reading about how tri-kitties often adjust by using their front claws to pull up made me realize that Kender may have been having issues for a while before we noticed her lump. I assumed it was due to her age and weight, but she’s struggled to get up on the beds for a little while now and would use her front claws to help pull herself up. And maybe it is just due to those things…but at least now I know she’s had practice and maybe it’ll be an easier adjustment for her haha

    1. Steve doesn’t even think about it anymore. She throws herself around like a circus performer!! If she needs to get up somewhere, she throws herself at it with her front claws out and just goes for it!!

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