Special Care for Our Special Needs Kids

Jay and I never really vacation. Our “vacations” are usually an overnight trip to Asbury Park, NJ. If we’re lucky, it’s two overnights. Occasionally it’s an overnight in Kennebunkport, ME with my parents and my sister’s family. This past weekend we went on the closest thing to a real vacation we’ve ever been on. We flew down to Orlando, FL, stayed at my friend’s apartment in Celebration for 4 days, and hit up some of the parks in Disney World (for free thanks to my friend being a cast member).

Usually, when we go on an overnight, the dog goes to a friend’s house and Spyder and Saxon are left in the apartment with a large bowl of food, a large bowl of water, and a couple of clean litter boxes. Things were different this time – even when we went to Boston for an overnight two weeks ago to see a Red Sox game. I enlisted the help of my father for both trips. Thankfully, he only lives across the backyard from us (and to be honest, he’s where I learned to love animals so much).

His concern for Steve’s health and well being while Jay and I were away was obvious. When I told him that my options for her were either him taking care of her in the comfort of our apartment or her having to live in a small cage at our vet for 5 to 6 days, he was happy to oblige.  I could still tell that he was nervous. This wasn’t just making sure a food bowl was full or a litter box was scooped. Steve’s food and medication routine is just that for Jay and I – routine. For my father, I had to write it all down in detail: every little nuance, what to look out for, what to be careful of (“make sure you close the bathroom door behind you so Saxon doesn’t eat Steve’s medicated food on her!!”). Everything was laid out on the counter for him, including extras of both types of food Steve eats.

My father may have been nervous, but I was relieved. Because he had agreed to feed and medicate Steve and to let her in and out of the bathroom at feeding times (all part of the routine), I knew that Steve would be happy and safe. If we had to board her, she may have been too nervous to eat and may have become constipated again. It was great to know that she would be spending the 4 days that we were gone with her brothers and able to look out her windows!

I’m very grateful that Steve’s special needs are simple in the grand scheme of things. For some special needs owners, the best option might actually be to board at the vet. I hope that my friends, relatives, and neighbors know that they can always depend on me to look after their special needs pets in any situation.


Unrelated, Steve and I were interviewed for a blog called Peace, Love, and Whiskers under their “Extra Love Needed” theme. Jill the Tripawd Cancer Fighting Kitty was previously interviewed for this blog as well! Check it out: http://peacelovenwhiskers.com/extra-love-needed-meet-steve-the-pretty-tripawd-kitty/

Steve was very happy when we got home from Florida. She wouldn't stop talking!
Steve was very happy when we got home from Florida. She wouldn’t stop talking!


I'm an all around animal lover!!
I’m an all around animal lover!!

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Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

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  1. Hoooorrraaay for your trip, I’m so glad you got to get out. As for your Dad, he’s one pretty pawesome dude, tell him we’ve made him an official Tripawds family member. With that kinda love toward animals, he’s certainly qualified!

    1. Thank you! That seems to be the sticking point for me!l I can’t get the hang of proper link attachments!

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