First Ever Tripawds Triathlon

Thank you and welcome to beautiful Upstate, NY! We’re here at the lovely Fortin-Chura Kitchen/Bathroom Arena for the first ever Tripawds Triathlon!! Competing today is Steve the Pretty Tripawd Kitty!

Let’s take a look at the Triathlon course, shall we? Steve will begin in the kitchen window. From there she will start into the 6 meter kitchen dash – her best time on this event is 4.87 seconds. In the dash she will face two obstacles: the Saxon wrestle and the baby gate kitty door. While Steve has mastered the baby gate kitty door, she sometimes struggles with the Saxon wrestle. ┬áHer best strategy here is to bite, swat, and run; but if Saxon sits on her, all bets are off.

Next, is the tub crawl. After Steve passes through the baby gate kitty door she is in the bathroom, where she will leap the side of the tub. Once in the tub, Steve needs to run around the entire tub before exiting it. Steve excels at this event – her best time is under a second!

Once Steve exits the tub she must leap onto the toilet and into the bathroom window for the final event: the bathroom screen window climb. Time and distance matter here, but Steve cuts out seconds by only putting her paws on the ground once between the tub and the toilet. Her best height on the screen window climb: a staggering 11.7 inches!

Our expert correspondent, Yorrick is in the field, to give us a closer look at where Steve needs to watch her time. Yorrick?


Thanks Yorrick!

What’s that? We’re getting word now that Steve has opted to pull out of the Tripawds Triathlon and instead has entered herself in the Napping in a Basket event. Let’s go to that event.



If you ask me, she gets the gold medal in this event! Back to you, Bob.


Author: stevethetripawdlady

Born and raised in Upstate NY and a volunteer at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. That's where Steve came from. Remember, Steve is a girl!

4 thoughts on “First Ever Tripawds Triathlon”

  1. Bhahahah! OMD if there was a prize for the funniest and most entertaining blog post of the month, YOU would get it, this is great!

    Whhhheeee! I was dizzy reading about all that action. Whew. Nap time sounds good to me too.

  2. She was doing all of this back and forth and back and forth as I was doing the dishes and I kept thinking, “I need to grab my phone and record this!” But I knew that as soon as I did, she would stop! Just as I finished the dishes, she crashed in her basket for a nap…

  3. This is hysterical! I could just picture her tearing around like that!
    I agree, most entertaining blog post of the month!

  4. Thanks for the much needed laughs! OMC!! This is sooooooo funny!

    Steve is a true OLYMPIAN! This kitty can do it all!

    And Yorrick, you are a cutie pie! Without your support she could never have accomplished such a Herculean feat!

    Checkout the thread on the forum that starts “Virginia”…..we’re trying to get an east coast gathering together. Perhaps you and “Jill” could collect some New Yorkers and drive on down! We need a strong kitty contingent! Steve could run the jogging trails for her next Triathlon!

    Wonderful vlog! Thank you!

    Love and hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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